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How to Choose the Best Timeshare Resale Organisation

If you are thinking of reselling your timeshare, you need to choose a reputable resale company that will meet your needs. This article will guide you in choosing the right timeshare resale company for you.

There are many resale scams, therefore, it is important to be certain that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy timeshare resale company. One way of identifying reliable companies is by inquiring if they are accredited to the Resort Development Organisation because it indicates that they adhere to their standards and codes of ethics. Make sure you read reviews and testimonials from the resale company you are contemplating doing business with. You can as well as contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they have good ratings.

Deal with resale companies that have the right licensing required in order to sell and advertise your timeshare. A good timeshare resale company will have a real estate broker license given by the state where they operate. Make sure you contact the real estate licensing agency to verify that the information provided by the company is valid.

When selling timeshares, be vigilant of resale companies that are scammers and want to swindle your money. Watch out for companies that ask for your personal information including credit card and bank details, if they make unsolicited calls wanting to resell your timeshare, if they offer money back guarantees, and pressure you to make a quick decision on their offer. Some companies will pressure you to sell your timeshares so you can purchase more timeshare from them.

Look for a company that has excellent advertising campaign in order to market your timeshare. They should use multiple advertising outlets including billboards, TV, radio and the online media. This way, you can be assured that potential buyers are aware of the property and you can be guaranteed of a quick sale.

Another tip for selling your timeshare is to price it competitively. It is highly recommended that you compare the prices of timeshare in the same resort so that you will know what to price your timeshare. Don’t overprice, rather sell lower than other properties selling in the market so that yours can have the first priority.

Once you have narrowed your list of potential resale companies, make sure that they send you an offer in writing. They should also give you a full description of the services that they will offer you before you make any informed decisions. The contract should be detailed and in writing and it should include the costs that you need to pay, the duration of the contract and who will be handling the documentation. Before you sign the contract, read the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand them.
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