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Factors To Consider When Planning For An Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt.

One can learn new things and spend time with friends while participating in a scavenger hunt. With the Easter festivities around the corner, there are various ideas on activities for children to take part in to do and a scavenger hunt is top of this list. Easter scavenger hunts have for the longest time revolved around Easter bunnies and eggs although there are various ways to organize for an Easter scavenger hunt. Thinking out of the box when coming up with ideas for the Easter scavenger hunt will make children look forward to it.

The first thing you need to consider is a change of venue for your Easter scavenger hunt. More children will be eager to participate in the hut if you change the venue of the hunt from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. changing the time of the day when the hunt happens is a great way to make it seem different. Give the children flashlights to look for the items with or substitue the eggs with glow sticks in case you have the hunt at night.

Leave riddles instead of clues for the children to add a learning experience to the scavenger hunt. Teach the children more about Easter by leaving them items that bear significance to Easter. Have a short discussion with the children after the hunt is over to see what the learned from the hunt. Using memory verses is a great way to help jog the children’s memory, especially the older ones.

Instead of having the children look for items, have them look for more specific items. Roles can be reversed so that it’s the parents that go for the hunt while children are in charge of hiding the items. Have the children work together to find and solve a puzzle and this will teach them team work. Make the game more interesting, have a reward at the end of the game for all participants in the games. When playing with the younger children, make the hints simpler to understand and you can even use pictures for them to understand what you mean Have the children dressed up in Easter-themed clothes and this is a fun activity to do apart from the scavenger hunt.

Several things will determine the scavenger hunt you are organizing. The decisions you make when organizing the hunt will be determined by the age of the children you are organizing it for. The younger ones might view what the old ones like as boring or vice versa. Make the scavenger hunt as fun as possible. The activities planned should be inclusive of everyone so they all have fun. Have ample time planned for the scavenger hunt

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